Power Group Guidelines

PWN Power Groups Policies & General Information

Membership in a Power Group is ideal for PWN Members who are interested in increasing the bottom line and developing a network of contacts. The purpose of a Power Group is to provide a forum for the exchange of business Power among non-competing group members while allowing for increased exposure in your business.

The following are Polices each PWN Power Group is expected to follow:

1. All Power Group Members must be a current dues paying PWN member.

2. Group meeting times and location are to be determined by each Power Group.

3. Power Group meetings should not exceed 90 minutes.

4. PWN programs and networking luncheons will be presented to Power Group at every meeting.

5. All printed materials representing or characterizing PWN, (newspaper, pamphlets, information slips, etc.) must be approved by the PWN Board of Directors. Use of the PWN logo is the exclusive right of the Board of Directors.

6. Only one profession or service is to be represented in each Power group.

7. PWN members are only permitted to be in one PWN Power Group.

8. A potential PWN member or Power Group member may visit any group twice before joining.

9. Guests (and substitutes) conflicting with exclusive category members may be observers only.

10. Guests (and substitutes) not conflicting may share Power.

11. Facilitators will be informed of leadership training, when it is available.

12. Facilitators are selected by their Power Group

Once selected to the position of facilitator, a facilitator serves a term of 6 months to 2 years. Exceptions are to be approved by the PWN Board of Directors.

Suggested rotation – (The group had the option to add or change any duties)