Operation Double Campaign Rules

PWN has decided that it's time to show the world just how GREAT WE ARE!!! We are going to DOUBLE in the next month. And we're putting our money where our mouth is. From Feb 4th to March 23rd, for every  NEW MEMBER we sponsor during the contest period PWN will contribute $10 to our CASH JACKPOTS. WHATEVER amount is collected will be given away by DRAWINGS. See Details Below! 


There will be TWO (2) CASH DRAWINGS (each representing HALF of the money collected.)

*CASH DRAW #1 will be awarded to the PWN Member who brings in THE MOST new members during the contest period. *

CASH DRAW #2 will contain the names of ALL NEW MEMBERS sponsored. WHEN YOU sponsor the New Member who's name is drawn in Drawing #2 YOU and SHE will SPLIT THAT CASH AMOUNT!!!

The MORE new members brought in the BIGGER THE DRAWINGS. So.... by DOUBLING OUR SIZE we would be adding 150 new people X $10 = $1,500.

In this example (our goal) the PWN MEMBER who brings in THE MOST New Members would automatically win $500 CASH!!! (AND since her new members names would also be entered into Drawings #2 since and there is NO LIMIT on how many times a member can win, she could actually win EVEN MORE CASH!!!)

All we have to do to DOUBLE is EACH ONE REACH ONE!

WHO DO YOU KNOW who would enjoy being around this great group of women as much as you do? ASK HER!

Our Operation Double Membership Campaign will Wrap up on March 23rd at the POWER SUMMIT

The DRAWINGS will be held and the CASH AWARDED the Annual Dinner in May.

The Member who sponsors the most new members will receive the SPARK PLUG TROPHY shown below.

The POWER GROUP that sponsors the most new members will also be awarded the SPARK PLUG TROPHY The Winning Power Group will also be treated to a CELEBRATION at their next Power Group Meeting in April.

* In the case of a tie for either of the SPARK PLUG AWARDS, the tie will be broken by the TOTAL DAYS that their new members have been part of PWN. That means that the sooner you begin sponsoring your new members, the more days they will be accumulating. So don't wait to be great -- START NOW!